Members of the BULGARIAN LIFT ASSOCIATION (BLA) are firms with their core business activity being the import, installation and subscription maintenance of lifts. BLA partners with the Association of Bulgarian manufacturers and importers of lifts and has the declared support of many firms in the field which are not members of any associations.


BULGARIAN LIFT ASSOCIATION is open to all firms in the lift branch which share and support its objectives, observe the compliance with the EU (European Union) norms and standards, have a valid licence to work, pay taxes and are not hiding income from the tax authorities.


If you are interested in applying for BLA membership you could send us an e-mail to:


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Do not forget to mention as many official details about your organization as possible, as well as contact information in order to evaluate your candidature more quickly.



Tel.: +359 2 44 22 478

Mobile: +359 889 14 66 30

email: info@bla.bg